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"David Baboulene is truly a master when it comes to the science behind storytelling." Craig Hinde (Director). 

"Receiving a publishing deal was a dream turned reality. In my acknowledgement page is written: David Baboulene: I did it, and you are a heck of a teacher!" Kerri Cuevas - Author ‘Deadly Kisses’ 

"We cannot recommend David Baboulene highly enough. His insights and expertise on story creation have been invaluable, helping us get the script of HALLO JOE to the point where we’ve sold the option and look forward to full production" (MARK HALLILEY and PERRY SCHAFFER Scriptwriters.)

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The Story Book: A Writer's Guide to Story Development, Principles, Problem-solving and Marketing

There are a million ‘How To Write’ books out there. But you learned how to write when you were at school. You don’t need to have your creativity damaged by someone else’s views on how you should write your story. You need to understand stories for yourself and master your craft so you can write YOUR story YOUR way.

The Story Book is written by a published author and scriptwriter. It answers the questions writers should be asking: what is a story? Why do stories exist? How do they work? What gives one story power and another one not? What can I do to make the very best of my story ideas? What tools are available to you to make stories that grip and intrigue?

With invaluable new thinking on subtext plus insights on story success from:  
  • Bob Gale: Legendary Hollywood scriptwriter and producer of the Back to the Future trilogy.  
  • Lee Child: 16 million Jack Reacher novels sold.  
  • Willy Russell: celebrated playwright and film maker of classics such as Shirley Valentine, Educating Rita, Blood Brothers...
  • John Sullivan: television comedy writing legend - Only Fools and Horses, Citizen Smith, Just Good Friends...

"Fantastic. A bible for writers." Bookshelf

"A wonderful combination of technical knowledge combined with the recognition that Story must come from the heart of the individual." Lorraine Faulkner - Seminar Delegate
"A highly recommended method for anyone in the business of story development." Marion Pilowsky (Film Producer - Sleuth; Being Julia; Little Fish...)  

Simply a must-read for anyone wanting to understand how to turn ideas into stories that sell.

Story Theory: the psychological and linguistic foundations to how stories work.

David Baboulene's PhD thesis on what gives stories power presented in accessible form. 

Tradition has it that story power is a function of it's structure. All the story gurus say so, so it must be true. Three acts, a turning point on page 27, an antagonist and a protagonist... you've heard it all. But can it really be true that structure brings a story that grip and engagement? 

That's like saying that the unique wonder of a human being is a function of his or her skeleton. All amazing people have a skeleton, so it's got to be that, right? The truth is that the wonder of a person is in his mind. A story is a product of a mind+experience, and story power comes from creating that experience in a form that resonates powerfully with another mind. This is a function of knowledge gaps and subtext, clearly spelled out in this book. 

This is not simply another practical 'how to write' book. This is a book for story-tellers, producers and anyone involved in story industries who wants to master the craft of story and truly understand what's going on when a story grips us. This is a new and exciting perspective that you will not find anywhere else on the 'How to Write' bookshelf. 

"We cannot recommend David Baboulene highly enough. His insights and expertise on story creation have been invaluable, helping us get the script of HALLO JOE to the point where we’ve sold the option and look forward to full production" (MARK HALLILEY and PERRY SCHAFFER Scriptwriters.)

Ocean Boulevard - an epic and exhilarating journey all the way... from a boy to a man

"Interesting, raucous and very, very funny. When it came to the end it was like saying goodbye to an old friend." TalkSport

"One of the funniest books I have ever read." City Talk

"Baboulene is like a Bryson who has really played the field. Truly adventurous, truly hilarious and funny enough to burst your stitches!" Borders Books

David Baboulene runs away to sea in a cloud of romantic dust for the first of his globetrotting adventures. His journey takes him across the world and back, from New Orleans and Houston in America to the Caribbean islands of Barbados and Jamaica, through the Panama Canal to Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, then back across the Pacific- to a triumphant homecoming in Liverpool.

Jumping Ships - the global misadventures of a cargo ship apprentice

Book two in David's humorous travel series.

AS FEATURED in BBC Radio 4s flagship travel programme EXCESS BAGGAGE...

‘Packed with enough ship board hilarity to make the reader literally weep with laughter, Ocean Boulevard and Jumping Ships are probably the funniest maritime-themed books in print today.' Ships Monthly

...laughs aplenty, but also top notch writing about the seas, ships and those who sail on them... Sea Breezes Magazine

Top star rating for these tall tales and youthful high jinx. Perfect holiday reading.

Just the kind of adventures you’d expect a naïve young apprentice to have, including brushes with pirates and encounters with ‘friendly’ girls in Thailand. Witty and well written.'
Adventure Travel

David Baboulene is a seriously funny man with a great gift for story telling. 
Duncan Barkes - SPIRIT FM


Oopsie - I Forgot! 

Oopsie – I Forgot! We all do something silly now and again… but as long as we try our best, there’s nothing wrong with the odd ‘Oopsie!’
David Baboulene’s poetic storytelling combined with Kelly Chapman’s magical illustrations make this book a favourite for curious and imaginative young children everywhere.

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