Story Consultancy

I understand story. Better than anyone else you have ever met. And it's a win-win for you, because if you don't rate my input to your project, I won't charge you a penny.

If you have a story problem, I can tell you what it is and why it is happening, and whether it can be fixed.

If you are considering investment in a story, I can help you to quantify the risk. I can tell you if the story carries power. I can tell you if it is likely to bring you a return on your investment. I can help you identify the power in the story, remove the weaknesses and optimise it to it's best possible telling. 

I'm a published author of fiction. A scriptwriter with 4 deals. A PhD scholar of narrative. My books on story theory have sold the world over and one has been translated into Chinese. I'm a highly experienced story consultant having worked on books that got publishing deals, scripts that got finance, films that got made and have appeared at Cannes and have won awards and competitions.  

'David Baboulene is truly a master of the science of story.' Craig Hinde. (Director). 

'Everyone in story industries needs to know what David Baboulene knows.' Marion Pilowsky. (Producer). 

"We cannot recommend David Baboulene highly enough. His insights and expertise on story creation have been invaluable, helping us get the script of HALLO JOE to the point where we’ve sold the option and look forward to full production" (MARK HALLILEY and PERRY SCHAFFER Scriptwriters.