About Me

I have had two humorous books published, two children’s books and two academic works on story theory. I have also had four film deals for my own stories, two in Hollywood and two in the UK. 

I have worked as a story consultant for producers, authors, training  and script development organisations as well as with some big names (see the 'collaborators' tab). For a complete list of credits, look me up on IMDB HERE.  

I am currently proving through my Ph.D. thesis at Brighton University that subtext is the defining substance of story, and by measuring subtext presence, depth and extent, I can tell you in advance how successful a story is likely to be. Seriously. When my metrics are compared to public ratings, the theory is proven: the more subtext there is, the higher the story is rated by the public. My work also shows how story power comes from the way a story resonates with the human mind. By understanding this, we can move on from the ridiculous notion that story structure can hold the secret to a great story. It doesn't, any more than your skeleton defines the wonder that is You. 

A story is a product of a human mind that has gone through an experience. Receiving a story is to receive an experience and the way it is told can embed that experience into your mind as if you lived through that experience yourself. THAT is where the power of story lies, and in my book Story Theory, I explain precisely why and how it works and how you can use that knowledge in your own stories.

I give talks and seminars on story theory, and write extensively on the subject, including my regular column in Writing Magazine and Writers' News.

I live in sunny Brighton by the sea in the UK.

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Email is david <at> baboulene <dot> com.

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